Day 328: Blueberry Pie

September 16, 2012

For my 328th act of love, I strapped on my manly Iron Man apron gunk shield and baked you a lovely blueberry pie.

I don’t know if I’m supposed to say this about my own pie, but it was amazing! The crust was all flaky (I let Trader Joe’s do all the work on that one—next time I’m makin’ my own) and the blueberries were sweet and gooey.


Day 97: TJ’s Chocolate

January 4, 2012

On our way home from our friends’ house last night, I stopped by Trader Joe’s one minute before they closed. I bought a dark chocolate candy bar, then hid it in my back pocket. When I came out empty handed, you didn’t even ask me what was going on.

At home, I stuck it under your kindle, then waited “patiently” for you to find it. About five minutes later, I gave up on surprising you and told our oldest daughter to tell you to pick up your kindle. You did and found your chocolate. I asked you if you were curious about why I came out of Trader Joe’s empty handed. You said that you knew something was going on, and that you just needed to wait and see.

Day 12

October 11, 2011

Last night, I took our girls to Trader Joe’s to buy you a chocolate ganache cake and a dark chocolate candy bar. You love these items from TJ’s and it brightened your day when you received them. I should admit that I also love those items and didn’t mind buying them. We both enjoyed eating them together while watching something on TV.

Day 9

October 8, 2011

For my 9th loving act, I bought you your flowers for the week. I didn’t present them to you as a surprise, but we picked them out together while shopping for groceries at Trader Joe’s. You seemed pleasantly surprised, but strangely expectant of them. I hope that you come to expect me to daily do loving things for you as a result of this year. We talked in the past about how sometimes it seems as though we treat each other like roommates rather than lovers. May this year-long project cause that conception of our relationship to never enter our minds again.