Day 97: TJ’s Chocolate

On our way home from our friends’ house last night, I stopped by Trader Joe’s one minute before they closed. I bought a dark chocolate candy bar, then hid it in my back pocket. When I came out empty handed, you didn’t even ask me what was going on.

At home, I stuck it under your kindle, then waited “patiently” for you to find it. About five minutes later, I gave up on surprising you and told our oldest daughter to tell you to pick up your kindle. You did and found your chocolate. I asked you if you were curious about why I came out of Trader Joe’s empty handed. You said that you knew something was going on, and that you just needed to wait and see.


4 Responses to Day 97: TJ’s Chocolate

  1. Sarona says:

    Oh, she’s on to you! She’s excited about what cool thing you are going to do every day. That’s a lot of pressure, my friend. But I’m sure you’ll rise to the challenge. Just get another coffee card.

    btw, I sent my husband the link about the “ornament tradition” and you saying, “Stop making up traditions to make me spend money!” because that’s exactly what my husband would say….well, I told him I started the tradition this year of buying him an ornament to celebrate the anniversary of our engagement (12/21) (oh my gosh, before I corrected it, it said “en-gag-ment” LOL!!). It would be something that reminded me of him that particular year. anyway, the first ornament I came up with was a cast iron frying pan, because I would’ve liked to have hit him over the head with it a couple times this year, but I settled on a sailboat, because he bought his first one this year and we had lots of fun family sailing time as a result. Anyway, all this to say, you’re making a difference to this marriage, just as you are your own. Be blessed!

    • She’s definitely on to me! But, I don’t think she knows about the blog, yet. The coffee card thing was good. She loved it.

      I’m stoked that my blog is making a difference in your marriage. That’s a cool thing you’re doing with the ornaments. Have fun on the sailboat!

  2. TRR says:

    Wow again… I love that she simply was silent. This post actually made me cry… I know funny right. But I have read several of your posts and I think she knows you have only “good” for her. It made me think of my sweet husband and all the times he has great or even simple things for me but I always want to know what’s going on right then and there is no silence. Thanks for the lessons we are seeing/learning/remembering through this wonderful blog.

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