Day 139: Valentine’s Day

Our Valentine’s Day was pretty laid back because we decided to postpone our official Valentine’s date until the 25th. That was the only day your parents could watch our kids.

On Valentine’s morning, you made us bacon and pink, heart-shaped pancakes. You set out roses for each of our girls and candy at each of our pink, heart-shaped plates. Thanks for going through the trouble to make us that breakfast. We all felt pretty special.

As for me, I kept things simple. I gave you a dozen roses and a pound of See’s chocolate truffles, then I wished you a happy Valentine’s Day a bunch of times throughout the day and gave you several hugs. I may have kept things a little too simple, though, because you seemed surprised (disappointed?) that I didn’t do more. Perhaps 365’s got you spoiled.

I have one more thing to say about my desires/intentions for this blog, then I think I’ve pretty much exhausted that topic. When you find out about this blog, I don’t want you to feel any obligation to reciprocate. If you want to, that’s fine with me, but that’s not one of my purposes for doing this blog. I simply want 365 and each of my loving acts to be my free gift to you, no strings attached.

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