Day 130: Your Love is Patient

February 6, 2012

For Sunday’s act of love, I prayed that God would instill patience in you. You’re already patient and have many opportunities to practice patience given that you’re with our young children most of the day. But I pray that you would become even more patient.

Incidentally (or perhaps not), you truly ministered to me after my long day at work yesterday. When you picked me up, you noted how pale I was. So I told you about my day, about how tired I was, etc. When we got home, the house was clean and you had a nice dinner prepared. You told me you knew I would be tired when I came home, so you cleaned and had dinner ready for me. After dinner, you made me lie on the couch while you put the girls to bed.

Thanks so much. You were so considerate even though you were tired as well. Certainly, you were faced with an opportunity to exhibit patience. Though you would’ve been justified in asking me to help you set the table and put the girls to bed, you showed me grace by patiently serving me so that I could recuperate from my day.

PS: You never received that ecard I sent to your email. I wonder what happened.


Day 129: Coffee Date

February 6, 2012

On Saturday night, I watched the kids while you went out to coffee with one of your good friends. You came back giddy, which made me happy.

PS: You loved the secret message I left you in your magazine. When you read it, you had the girls sit with you and help you figure it out. They laughed at the part about raising goats.