Day 131: My Intentions for This Blog

February 7, 2012

For my act of love last night, I picked something that catered to this blog’s readers rather than you (oopsie). I initially wanted to look for a need of yours to fulfill (see day 107), but decided that I would just ask you what you need. You said you wanted a back massage (surprise, surprise). When you said that, I thought, “If I keep posting on 365 about giving you back massages, I’ll lose reader interest,” then asked, “Is there anything else you need?” “Hmmm . . . how about a back massage,” you replied. “Anything else?” “It would be nice if you held our baby for a while so I could look at pinterest.” “You got it.” Afterwards, you asked if I would give you a foot massage, so I did. If I’m completely honest, my willingness to give you a foot massage was reader driven as well!

This all makes me wonder about my intentions for this blog (what they are, what they were when I started, etc.). Am I primarily interested in expressing and increasing my love for you (haven’t I read that somewhere?) or in gaining followers? I’ve been giving this, as well as some other issues related to my intentions, some thought lately. I believe strongly that I’m doing this blog for you, though at times I act like I’m not.

PS: For your weekly flowers, you’ve lately been asking me to get you potted flowers. Our house is starting to look like a nursery.

UPDATE: Who cares about reader interest. This blog’s for you. My loving acts for the next week will consist in back massages.