Day 145: Keepin’ It Real

February 21, 2012

For yesterday’s act of love, I looked for a need of yours to fulfill, then fulfilled it.

Currently, everyone in our house is sick. And as of Friday, we started a new cleaning schedule. Well, last night it was your turn to clean the bathroom, but you weren’t feeling well. Given that we’re trying to make this cleaning schedule habitual, I didn’t want us to skip a night. So, I cleaned the bathroom for you and let you rest on the couch.

In doing this, I’m tempted to think highly of myself. Yet a few things should keep me from this. First, I cleaned with a slightly smug attitude, rather than with joy in serving you. Second, I felt some contempt for you, knowing that you were lying around (sick!) while I slaved away at your job. Third—and here’s the doozy—I came downstairs in the middle of cleaning and said, “Are you going to sit there all night? The house is quite a mess.” Finally, in cleaning the bathroom, I simply did what I ought as Christ’s unworthy servant (Lk. 17:10). (I inserted the word ‘unworthy’ after some hesitation and with a bit of a cringe. Haha! Oh, me!)

Instead of reacting negatively, I should’ve cleaned with complete joy (I did feel some joy), knowing that you were resting and I was serving you and my Lord.

PS: I nearly posted this after finishing the second paragraph. Talk about revisionist history!