Day 90: iTunes Wish List

For my 90th act of love, I bought you 10 songs from your iTunes wish list. You’ve compiled quite a list because buying music hasn’t been a priority for us. What has? Oh, I don’t know . . . paying for food and rent. Anyway, I worked this purchase into the budget so you don’t have anything to worry about.

Yesterday afternoon we went out to spend your clothes money. After looking through store after store, you bought the shirts you found at the first store we went in: Express. A few times, you were tempted to spend your money on the girls or me, but you overcame. (You tend to spend money on others that’s designated solely for you. That’s very kind, but such money is designated for you for a reason!) I’m proud of you!

Whenever we shop in the area by Express, we stop by See’s for some truffles. We typically get a few samples for free and then buy a few. But this time, we didn’t go in  because we didn’t even want the free samples. Our Christmas festivities did a number on us.

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