Day 66: It Happened One Night

December 3, 2011

Tonight, I took you on a surprise date. We never left the house, though: our newborn’s still too young for us to go on a real date, so we takes what we can gets. To prepare for the date, I first snuck out to Trader Joe’s and bought you a pack of eight exotic chocolates:

Then, on Amazon Instant Video I bought It Happened One Night, one of the greatest romantic comedies in film history–and that without the benefit of Hanks and Ryan’s chemistry or McConaughey’s abs (not that you care about the latter!).

I chose this movie because we really bonded over it while dating, and I hoped that watching it again would take you back to those days. 

After we put the girls to bed I told you about our date and showed you the chocolates and the movie. You flipped–for the chocolates, that is. You didn’t even remember It Happened One Night, let alone that we watched it together! But it stands out in my memory as something that really brought us together. Oh well. 

On our date, we watched the film and tasted each one of the chocolates, attempting to note their distinctive flavors (we like to pretend that we’re connoisseurs). The chocolates and the film were most excellent. When we went to bed, you gave me the sweetest goodnight kiss. Though you couldn’t remember the film, at least you were reminded of my love for you.


Day 65: Intercession

December 3, 2011

On day 34, I prayed that God would change my heart. Yesterday, I prayed that he would change yours. This was my prayer:

I praise you, Father, that in your wisdom you placed my wife and I together. Help me to value her for the treasure that she is. She’s diligent, working all day to care for her children and staying up every night to keep up our home. She’s wise and kind. She has compassion on the needy. I praise you that she’s all these things and much more.

Lord I pray that she would love you with all her heart, soul, mind, and strength. Help her fear you, the creator and sustainer of the universe, the one who holds her life in his hands. Let her magnify your name in our family and among our friends and neighbors. May she place you above all things.

I pray that she would love me, even when I don’t deserve it. Give her grace to continually do me good, and not harm. May she remain faithful to me throughout our marriage. Increase her gentleness and patience with me.

Grant her strength and love in caring for our children. May she be kind and gentle with them. Let her joy continually bring light to our home and marriage. Fill her heart with peace.

Already you’ve given her with all of these things. Please give them all the more.