Day 83: Whatever You Want

December 21, 2011

Yesterday, I texted you this: “if there.s one thing i could do for u tonight what would it b?” You responded: “Man I love this new husband.” After thinking about it for a while, you said you wanted a back massage. I figured you would say that. When I agreed to give you one, you texted, “Wow. Impressive. Yep, thats my man!!! :o)” Funny that you sounded surprised, as if I would offer to do something for you then refuse to do it when you accepted. When I got home, I gave you your massage, which you heartily enjoyed.

I must say that I don’t enjoy giving you massages. However, I’m disliking that activity less and less because I’m doing it more and more. Something similar happened with my dislike of tomatoes, onions, and bell peppers. I knew they were good for me, but I didn’t eat them because I was repulsed by them. One day, I decided it was silly that I wouldn’t eat these healthy foods, so I attempted to change my appetite for them. How did I do this? I ate them, in little portions and with other foods, gradually eating them more and more and in larger portions until I could tolerate them. After many painful experiences (I won’t go into details; I’ll just my gag reflex was involved), I now like these vegetables and sometimes crave them. I systematically changed my desires (and sensations) by subjecting them to my reason and will. I’m now doing the same thing with my dislike for giving massages. I know you enjoy them, so I’m submitting my desires to what I know is good and acting in accordance with that good. Though there’s more to changing your desires than submitting them to your reason and will (e.g., God’s grace is involved), this is part of the process.

PS: You walked in while I was writing this post. Eek! I don’t think you saw anything.