Day 67: The Act You Picked

For day 67, I placed six slips of paper in a bowl. Each said something different and each said one of the following:

(1) I’ll make you whatever dinner you want;

(2) I’ll give you a 30-minute back massage;

(3 ) I’ll scrub the bathroom;

(4) We’ll watch whatever you want on Netflix;

(5) I’ll take over your living-room duties for a week;

(6) Wild.

I asked you to blindly pick one of the slips and told you that I’d do whatever was said on the slip you chose (unless you chose (6), in which case you could’ve looked through the slips and picked whichever slip you wanted). You picked (5). Typically, I clean the kitchen and you clean the living room. But this week, I’ll keep the living room (and the kitchen) clean.  

When you looked through the rests of the slips, you said you’d rather have (2). I wouldn’t let you switch. Personally, I’d rather give you a back massage, but what would be the point of the game if I just let you switch willy nilly?

PS: Your Christmas CD came about a week ago. You love it!


3 Responses to Day 67: The Act You Picked

  1. […] the way, yesterday was the first day of the entire week that I cleaned the living room (see day 67). I figured that I should apologize for failing to clean it on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, so I […]

  2. […] the bye, yesterday was the end of my promise to clean the living room for a week. Can you say ‘epic failure’? I probably cleaned it four of the seven days and you did […]

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