Day 365: A Date

February 14, 2013

For my last act of love, I took you on a date while our kids were in AWANAS. We went to a Chinese restaurant in town called Red Pepper. Again, we had our youngest, but that was cake compared to having all three. We had excellent service from a very kind server and the food was great. I ordered the lemon chicken and I have no clue what you ordered, though I’m thinking it was something Chinese.

I’m glad I got to spend some quality time with you for my last act of 365 Acts of Love. May it be one in a lifetime of acts of love.


Day 359: UCSB Soccer Game

February 12, 2013

We attended our first UCSB soccer game for my 359th act of love. They played UCLA and it was amazing! Although the game ended in a tie, that didn’t stop us from having fun. We cheered a lot, got our picture with the Gaucho, and enjoyed being together. We took the kids as well and they had loved the experience.




Day 358: Woodie’s Bar-B-Q

February 12, 2013

Our kids started attending AWANAS, which makes me happy. For one thing, they’re learning the Bible. For another thing, we get to drop them off every Thursday and have a date, with our youngest as a ride-along. Taking care of a single kid is soooooo easy compared to three!

For this AWANA date, I took you to Woodies BBQ in Goleta, a place we’ve been itching to go to. I ordered a burger, like I always do, and you ordered a chicken sandwich. We were so excited. However, we weren’t too impressed with the food. [Don’t judge the restaurant by us. We know lots of people who love it.] Even still, we had a blast!

Day 352: Redbox

December 17, 2012

Long, long ago (9/14, I believe) on a Friday night, you sent me out to Redbox to get whatever movie I wanted. I was super excited. When I got there, I noticed that Redbox had a movie you’d been wanting to see—What to Expect When You’re Expecting. Obviously, I wasn’t excited about that one. But, in the interest of putting your interests above mine, I rented that movie for you. Man, were you excited! And man, did that make me glad. But, in the interest of stating the obvious, I did not like the movie–the book was much better. In fact, I was bored to tears and zoned out for much of it. I’m sure you do something similar whenever I get a movie that has gangsters or fictional creatures or spaceships.

Day 351: An Attempt at Loving Others

December 14, 2012

There’s a 90-year-old lady who comes to our church, who’s friendly and caring, and who lives alone in a retirement community. She has some family in the area, but I don’t think they visit her often. I thought that it would be good, given her situation, to have her over to our house for dinner on Thursday as one of my/our acts of love for those in our community. I had been in contact with her about coming over, so Thursday was our planned time. But I couldn’t get ahold of her that day and I didn’t know where exactly she lived. So the dinner didn’t work out.

Instead, when we dropped our kids off at a church function later in the evening, I took you out to Flavor of India, a local restaurant that you’d been begging me to take you to. The food was outstanding and we both had an excellent time. Our server was super cool. He told us about India, including its culture and religion, and about the exotic land of Detroit, where his sister lives and is expecting a baby.

I’m super excited to go back there during lunch when they have their buffet. Although I enjoyed the food, it would be nice to have a bigger selection so we could sample all the different flavors of India.

Day 346: Family Movie Night

November 12, 2012

For this act of love, I planned a family movie night for us. I can’t remember what we saw, but I’m sure it was something with a pink or purple cover. We had popcorn, we turned off the lights (our oldest likes to do this because it reminds her of the drive in theater), and we snuggled together on the couch under a blanket.

Day 338: Roasting Marshmallows (under Compulsion)

November 1, 2012

I sort of mucked up this act of love. I planned on roasting marshmallows with you in the backyard over the grill after the girls went to bed. But, we didn’t have charcoal and I didn’t want to buy any. (Money was tight that week. Surprised?) We did have marshmallows, though. We always have them on hand. Always. (Just like chocolate chips). I’m not a fan of them, but you and the girls are. Anyhow, I thought we could roast them over our gas burners on the stovetop instead.

When the girls were finally in bed, we were both exhausted and simply needed to put our feet up or go to bed. But I wanted to get my act of love done.

“Would you like to roast marshmallows with me in the kitchen?” I asked.

“No, I’m too tired.”

“Will you just do it, though? I need to do an act of love today and this is all I’ve got.”


As an act of duty, really, we both dragged ourselves to the kitchen and each roasted a marshmallow.

“Do you want mine? I’m not really in the mood for a marshmallow,” you said.

“No, I’m not really a fan of them. I was going to ask you if you wanted mine . . . Okay, just give me yours. I’ll eat them both. We shouldn’t waste them.”

I started eating my marshmallow and my eyes lit up. “I love marshmallows!” I exclaimed. You laughed. I quickly finished mine and started on yours. “Why have I been depriving myself of these? They’re delicious!”