Day 343: An Experiment

I decided midday on day 343 that, rather than commit a planned act for you, I would just describe the acts that I did for you up to that point in the day. I did this without considering beforehand how the morning went. I just wanted to see what the morning looked like. Was I selfish? Did I put you first? Did I serve you naturally or did it take some effort? I know this isn’t a very scientific experiment because I’m only looking at the results from a single morning rather than an extended period of time. Regardless, here are the results:

I let you sleep in while I watched the kids, I washed the dishes, I made us dinner in our crockpot, I read to our oldest for her schooling, I gave you a back massage, and I watched the kids while you took a shower.

As I think about it, this was not a typical morning (case in point: I gave you a back massage). I spend many mornings on myself. For example, every Saturday morning, you watch the kids while I go on a two-hour bike ride. When I get back, you usually have breakfast cooked for me and the girls fed. After my breakfast, you watch the kids while I take a shower.

But here’s something I noticed about my experiment. The things I did for you/us came naturally and without thinking. That’s not always the case. Sometimes I get upset if I feel like I’m carrying more of the load. But at least there are times when serving you/our family comes naturally. I thank God for giving me the grace to do that. And I’m positive that when you watch the kids and do stuff for me, you’re not typically thinking it’s a big deal. After all, we’re a team.

Wait: I forgot to tell you about one of my acts for day 343. I was making a sandwich for my lunch when you asked me if I would make you one. I said, as seriously as ever, “You’ve got two hands. Why don’t you make it.” Your mouth dropped in shock. I then proceeded to sit down and eat my sandwich while you went to the kitchen to make yours. Go team!



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