Day 333: Weekly Article: Serving Together

For my 333rd act of love, I read this article from Focus on the Family about serving others as a couple. We’ve done a bit of serving together and it’s always made us closer and more unified. But, as the article points out, serving others isn’t about the benefit that we accrue, but the benefit of others.

As the holiday season approaches, I’m becoming more and more mindful of those who are in need. I think we should begin planning how to incorporate acts of giving to the needy into our holiday tradition. I’m sure that’ll make our holidays more meaningful (for us and others) and it’ll be a great example to our kids.


2 Responses to Day 333: Weekly Article: Serving Together

  1. Kristen, thank you so much for this. My Christmases past have been so rushed and harried the season’s over before I can enjoy it. Now, I’ve already started on some homemade presents which will (hopefully!) keep me out of the stores in the season with their craziness. But if I do wind up in a store, I’ll keep in mind that I’m serving others, not impressing them, and keep that cheerfulness in my heart.

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