Day 191: Ringtone Message

For act 191, I recorded this message on your phone, then set it as your ringtone for whenever I call:

Hi. I love you. I’m looking forward to spending the day with you.

On Saturday, we went to a community-wide Easter egg hunt. When you were hiding eggs, I called you. At first, you looked confused; then you figured out that the sound you were hearing was coming from your phone. You answered it. “Do you like your ringtone?” I asked. “I don’t know because I couldn’t figure out what it was,” you said.

Today when I called you from work, though, you figured out that it was a message from me. You said that you and the girls were in the kitchen when you heard me talking in the living room, and that you were confused at first, then a little freaked out, because you knew I was at work. But then you started cracking up after someone figured out that it was the phone ringing.

I’m still not sure that you’ve heard what the message says.


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