Day 223: An Answer to Prayer

May 13, 2012

On day 216, we prayed, per your suggestion, that we would have more time to spend alone together. I’m more of a task person than a people person, so it’s not surprising to me that you feel like we don’t take much time just to enjoy each other. Well, I took your prayer request to heart and made some time for us on Tuesday night.

That night, the dishes were piled up from dinner, the living room had toys strewn about, and our pile of laundry might’ve rivaled Mt. Everest. My inclination, after we  put the girls to bed, was to get those things done, then to go to bed. But I remembered what we prayed for the other night and I asked you, “What if we just spend some time relaxing together tonight and we’ll clean tomorrow?”

So, we watched some episodes of “Frasier” as we snuggled on the couch. You later commented to me that you really enjoyed our time together. I enjoyed it, too. To be honest, though, my idea of quality time is not watching TV together.



Day 8

October 8, 2011

Oops! I couldn’t write yesterday about my 8th loving act because I didn’t have a chance to be alone. We hung out until midnight! For day 8 I simply sat with you while we watched a few episodes of our favorite show. You seem to enjoy hanging out with me without talking or doing much. This strikes me as odd since I tend to think that I need to accomplish some tangible goal in order for our time together to be worthwhile. Obviously, this is false since our time doing nothing together was worthwhile.