Day 353: Your (Partial) Day Away

December 17, 2012

For day 353, I told you I would watch the girls for the day while you did whatever you wanted (I made sure to tell you ahead of time). I expected you to drive to your mom’s to go shopping or to read a book in your room for hours or to go out with one of your friends or a combination of these. Instead, you said you didn’t want the day away, but wanted a few hours alone to get some rest. I tried to convince you to take the whole day, but you insisted that you didn’t want it. So, what could I do but honor your request? I watched the girls while you took a few hours for yourself to get all rested up. These times away should be a regular occurrence!


Day 251: Continuing to Keep it Simple

June 12, 2012

My cousin and his wife left on Tuesday. Given our exhaustion, I decided to commit a simple act of love for you that day: I let you pick a show for us to watch together while we relaxed on the couch. You chose “Frasier,” which we’re currently working our way through. While it was playing, I gave you a little neck massage.

Day 188: Giving You Rest

April 7, 2012

Sometimes when I come home from work, you’re full of energy and cheerful, but other times, you’re frazzled and frustrated. Tuesday was one of the latter times. For my act of love, then, I watched the kids, made dinner, then put the kids to bed while you lay on our bed reading a book. You were tremendously grateful.

Day 161: Putting the Baby to Sleep

March 10, 2012

I’m back! I took a few days off of writing posts so I could finish up that project for work. It’s done (forever, I hope) and now I can focus on 365.

On Wednesday, after working for hours and hours straight, we were both so tired that we were sick to our stomachs. You told me to go to bed because you knew I had to get up in a few hours to work again. As you said this, though, you looked like you were going to vomit. So, for my act of love, I told you that I would put the baby to sleep so you could go to bed. You did, but couldn’t sleep. So, we sat on the couch together, taking care of the baby.