Day 28: Coupons and Bossypants

October 27, 2011

Yesterday I wrote you out a “coupon” good for any three chores/tasks you’d like me to do in our home. Once you specify the chores, they’ll be my top priority! (I’ll report back on this blog once I’ve finished the tasks.) I admit that you often ask me to do things around the house, I say I’ll get around to them, and I never do. I’m sorry.

By the way, yesterday I picked up Tina Fey’s Bossypants from the library for you (see day 15) . I’m surprised it took so long to arrive, but at least it’s here. You glowed with delight when I gave you the book and you immediately started reading it. I’d like to read it as well. Maybe we can do it together.


Day 15

October 14, 2011

Both of us enjoy much of Tina Fey’s comedy writing. We realized how funny and talented she is while watching “30 Rock.” When her book came out, you talked about it frequently and would pick it up and thumb through it whenever we came across it. So yesterday I ordered it through our library’s interlibrary loan. If you’re happy (reading about Tina), I’m happy.