Day 60: Church Testimonial

November 28, 2011

Yesterday during church, the pastor let people stand up and give testimony to something that they thank God for. I knew he was going to do this, so I planned on standing up and saying something about you. However, when the time came, you’d stepped out to feed our baby. I stood up anyway and said, “I’m grateful for my wife and I’m looking forward to the time we have together . . . Where did she go, anyway?” I wish you were there to hear it. Maybe you heard it from the cry room. I’m not sure. At any rate, I decided not to tell you that I did this. You’ll learn about it here or through some other means.

Day 58: Wife Appreciation Day

November 26, 2011

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I dedicated all of yesterday to showing you that I appreciate you. I started by making you, and everyone else, pancakes for breakfast. I put your pancakes on the “You Are Special Today” plate, with butter, peanut butter, thawed strawberries, and syrup–made by me–on the side. I also made you coffee with cream and sugar. By the way, you told me yesterday that you no longer take sugar in your coffee. We’ll see if that’s still the case when you read this a year from now. After we ate, I washed the dishes and put away the food.

For lunch, I took our family out on a picnic (in November! I love you, California!). While we were eating, I had everyone say something about you that they appreciate. I said I’m thankful that you take such good care of our children. Our oldest daughter said she’s thankful that you love her. Our middle daughter said, “Dear God, I’m thank you for my mom and dad. Amen.” Our newborn came up dry (and after all you’ve done for her).

In the afternoon, our oldest daughter and I presented you with thank-you cards, along with your “flowers” for the week (this week you chose a miniature Christmas tree). Finally, for dinner I made you your favorite meal: fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and gravy. Dang, look how domestic I am.

I meant to end the day by cleaning up the living room and kitchen for you, but I just couldn’t–my exhaustion from the day got the better of me. You seemed to enjoy Wife Appreciation Day because you kept saying that you really like your new husband. Maybe we’ll make it a post-Thanksgiving tradition.