Day 157: Unchained Melody

March 4, 2012

We spent most of yesterday evening apart because I had to be at the office. While there, I bought one of our songs on Amazon: “Unchained Melody” by The Righteous Brothers. Then I texted you that “you should check our Amazon Cloud Drive for a special song from me to you.” You texted back: “Whaaat??? Thanks sweetie poo!”


Day 92: 1/4 Done

December 30, 2011

Yesterday at noon, I finished one quarter of my project here at 365 Acts of Love. (Because 2012’s a leap year, I’m doing 366 days of love (my blog title’s so misleading!) and one quarter of that is 91.5. You get the leap day for free, by the way.)

So, just for fun, I was going to send you a love text at noon yesterday. But I got caught up in my work and didn’t text you until 2. Oh, well. Here’s what I texted: “i love u 24/7/364 . . . I mean 365. and 366 on leap years.” I guess the text would’ve been sweeter if I hadn’t joked around, but you thought it was funny.

In reality, I don’t love you 24/7/365–or, at least I don’t act lovingly toward you 24/7/365. I often act selfishly–very selfishly–in our relationship. But, I’m working on it and trying to rely on God’s grace. At the very least, I want to want to act lovingly toward you all the time. And I believe I want that badly. Though that’s worth something, loving you consistently from a loving character is where it’s at.