Day 78: Christmas Cookies

December 17, 2011

On Thursday, the girls and I made you Christmas sugar cookies. Although, they weren’t just Christmas cookies since the girls went a little crazy with the cookie cutters they chose–when we finished we had a mix of Christmas trees, pumpkins, mangers, Easter bunnies, candy canes, and ghosts (talk about mixed messages!). And, this time, I didn’t make the cookies from scratch (BTDT). It’s been fun doing Christmas-themed acts of love. I plan on doing more as Christmas approaches.

Lately, you’ve really verbally expressed to me your appreciation for the kindness I’ve shown you. You’ve even started calling me your new husband. But yesterday, after you thanked me for continually showing you kindess, you started grilling me. You asked me things like “What’s been going on with you?” “Did your brothers make you do this?” “Was it the pastor?” “What made you change like this?” And you wouldn’t let up. First, I got nervous. Then I froze. All I could do was shrug my shoulders. I was afraid that if I opened my mouth I would spill the beans about this blog. I’ll be surprised if this thing remains a secret until it’s finished, with your Bauer-like interrogation skills.