Day 221: Flowers at In-N-Out

May 10, 2012

For lunch on Sunday, we ate at In-N-Out. As we went through the drive-thru, I noticed some beautiful white roses growing alongside the restaurant. I attempted to ask an employee, once we got up to the drive-thru window, if I could pick one for you. But my question came out like this: “Can I pick a wife?” She gave me a confused look. “Sorry! I meant to say ‘Can I pick one of your flowers for my wife,'” I quickly replied. She said I could, then laughed at my blunder.

So, I picked and gave you a flower. But that was when I noticed the sad look on our daughters’ faces. Apparently, they wanted flowers too. When I went to pick them some, the guy in the car behind us said, “The flower wasn’t big enough for her, was it?” “No,” I responded, “my daughters were jealous.” He and his wife laughed. Once I gave the girls their flowers, our entire family was happy–including me, but that was because I ordered a Triple-Triple.


Day 150: Our Valentine’s Date

February 27, 2012

On Saturday, I took you whale watching by helicopter for our date. (What’s up now, Ben Flajnik?) This was the first time we’d been on a date since the baby was born in August and the second time we’d been out alone! It blessed us so much and renewed our relationship.

Before we left, I watched the girls so you could get ready. When you were done, you came downstairs looking stunning in the dress I bought you. I’m honored to be married to you–a woman incredibly beautiful in body and soul.

At 11, your mom and sisters arrived, having graciously agreed to watch our three girls so we could gallivant around (and above) the countryside. After kissing our girls goodbye, we left on our date. First, we stopped by Trader Joe’s so I could buy you a single, red rose (the purpose of which is explained below). Then we went to Joe’s Crab Shack in Ventura for lunch:

The view from Joe's Crab Shack

Our appetizer, with you so nicely modeling proper dipping procedure.

Our gargantuan entrees, along with your rose

You ate there a decade or so ago with some friends and you’ve asked me to take you back since we’ve known each other. It’s about time I listened to you.

After our amazing lunch, we drove to the airport in Oxnard where we hopped on a helicopter for our tour. Initially, I planned on taking you on the most basic tour (as our budget allowed) over the beach, but our generous tour guide upgraded us to the whale watching tour for nearly the same price! We were both unbelievably excited: I’d never seen whales in the wild before and neither of us had been on a helicopter.

Before we took off, you thought you might be terrified of the flight. But you ended up being more excited than scared, in spite of your death grip on my hand (which still hurts, thank you). When we got out over the ocean, we sighted at least six humpback whales. Here are a couple:

The flight was beautiful and meaningful. I’ll never forget it:

Over the beach in Oxnard

As for the rose, in the spirit of The Bachelor, I intended to give it to you if you impressed me on the date. 😉 As you know, if a girl on The Bachelor is denied a rose on a one-on-one date, she takes a limo home. And the bachelor might send someone home for any reason. This one’s too emotional. Limo ride home. That one lives in Houston. Limo ride home. This one’s plain annoying. Limo ride home, limo ride home, lonely limo ride home. I’m not saying I blame the guy–he has to narrow down his options somehow (though I might blame him for going on the show in the first place).

But what about you? Did you get the rose? Or did I send you on a lonely minivan limo ride home? Well . . . [CUE SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] you got the rose. And, you’ll always get a rose. For better or worse, as long as I live, you’ll never ride that limo alone. (Give me grace for that, O God!)

Day 149: Your Valentine’s Rose

February 25, 2012

My act of love for Friday will happen today–I’m getting you a single stem rose for our date.

Yesterday, I took our oldest daughter on her Valentine’s date. We went to Starbucks, ordered some drinks, then sat and talked and played games. I even gave her a Valentine’s card in which I asked her to be my Valentine. She blushed and said, “Yes,” with the cutest grin on her face. That’s one date down. After yours, I only have one more to go (the littlest is too young for a date, though our daughters insist that I take her on one).

Day 23: Friends and Flowers

October 22, 2011

Some men complain about their wives to each other. When I talk about you around other men, I want everything I say to be positive. Last night I went out with the groomsmen after the wedding rehearsal. I tried to find an opportunity to praise you in conversation with at least one of the guys. This ended up being difficult because none of our conversations were serious. However, on the way home, some of us began to talk about the women in our lives. One of the guys told me that I should count myself lucky to have you because you’re so incredible. Naturally, I took the opportunity to extol your virtues–that you’re stunningly beautiful, a godly woman of character, and super fun to be around–and I confessed that I don’t appreciate you like I should. The rest of the way home, we stopped at every place we could think of that might be open (it was 1 AM) to buy you some roses. Finally, we struck gold with a 7-Eleven. When you wake up tomorrow morning to a rose bouquet in a vase on the table, I hope you realize how beautiful you are to me and how much I love you.

Day 17

October 16, 2011

Yesterday I made an origami rose for you (I’d never tried origami before). I couldn’t keep it a secret because we were together all evening,  so I made it in front of you. You loved the rose, but you couldn’t help making fun of me for my sloppy job! You’re lucky we both have a sense of humor. I’ll admit–the final product did not impress me. I had fun and you liked it–that’s what matters.