Day 22: My Proposal

October 21, 2011

Yesterday we drove up the state for a wedding that’s taking place this weekend. I wanted to start by 6 AM, but didn’t wake up to the alarm. We left by 9 only to stop at your parents’ house to pick up some stuff. That took much longer than we hoped–it’s difficult to get our daughters to leave their grandma’s house. But we finally got on the road. Because of our slow start, you were surprised when I exited the freeway 30 minutes later: “What are you doing? We finally got on the road!” “It’s a surprise,” I replied. I drove us to the beach, stopped the car, and told our daughters that this is where I asked you to marry me. Then I said to you that “I love you. I would marry you again if we could do things over. I’m happy to be with you and our wonderful children.” As we drove off, we talked about the night I proposed. We talked about how you said no when I asked you to go to the beach with me–it was midnight, drizzly, and cold, after all. Your parents knew what I had planned so they insisted we go. You reluctantly agreed. When we arrived at the beach, I nervously walked with you by the surf, hoping to muster up some courage. Then, I got on one knee and proposed (but not before a bat flew between us and ruined the mood!).