Day 297: Household Project #7

August 9, 2012

For this act, I completed a household project that you asked me to do over a year ago. It’s embarrassing to admit that I let something go that long, but at least it’s finally done. It wasn’t even hard and took me like 30 minutes.

Day 232: Household Project #5

May 23, 2012

I’m still working on that list of household projects you made me. To be honest, I’m spreading them out so the blog doesn’t get boring. But, I hope to get through the entire list before 365‘s done. Last Thursday, I put a few items on craigslist that you’ve been wanting me to sell. I hope they do.


Day 169: Thanks and Encouragement

March 17, 2012

For my 169th act of love, I wrote you this letter:

We’ll find out soon whether or not my work project—the one I’ve spent six months preparing—is accepted or rejected. In either case, I’m happy to know that your love for me won’t change. Thank you for supporting me through this project, though I know that it’s kept me from you often. Thank you for having confidence in my ability to do it well. Whether it’s accepted or rejected, God, our shepherd, still has good in mind for us and his mercies are new every day.