Day 254: First Things First

June 14, 2012

On Friday, I planned on doing something cool for my act of love. Before I could, though, we got into a fight. To be honest, I think I was at fault because I handled a certain situation poorly.

While we were still mad at each other and in separate rooms, it came to my mind that I needed to commit my act of love for the day. That was a sinking feeling. I wanted to stay mad at you but I knew I couldn’t commit my act without dealing with our fight.

In the end, I decided to leave the act of love for another day and ask for your forgiveness for what I did. I figured that the act might be more enjoyable for the both of us when tensions weren’t so high.

So, I (almost literally) dragged myself to the room you were in, then sat there for a while mustering the courage to make up with you. My mind told me I needed to say something, but I couldn’t get my mouth to open or my tongue to move. Finally, I blurted something out simply to loosen up, then asked for your forgiveness for my part in the fight. Things weren’t exactly peachy after we made up, but at least we dealt with our spat.

Day 45: Breakfast in Bed

November 14, 2011

Since I started 365 acts of love, it’s been difficult to stay mad at you. On Friday night, I got mildly upset at you (and you at me) for something stupid. Moments later, I began thinking about Saturday’s act of love. I couldn’t stay mad at you while planning out an expression of my love for you (Even still, I decided not to talk about our dispute while we were both tired.)

While you slept on Saturday morning, the girls and I brought pancakes, bacon, a sliced pear, and coffee to your bedside. It wasn’t even Mother’s Day! We gently woke you. You sat up, saw us with breakfast for you, and smiled the sweetest of smiles. As you ate, we talked about why we were upset at each other. The conversation went much better than the night before: our bodies were rested and the act of love put both of our hearts in better places.