Day 291: Time to Rest

July 31, 2012

When you woke up Sunday morning (7/14), you were feeling sick. I had to work until 1:30 and then from 4-7:30, so I couldn’t let you take the day off. Instead, when I came home between 1:30 and 4, I brought you lunch and let you take a nap after lunch. This actually really refreshed you and gave you the energy you needed to get through the rest of the day. I’m sorry you got sick.


Day 241: Your Mother’s Day Celebration

May 30, 2012

Due to my Mother’s Day faux pas, we decided to celebrate Mother’s Day on May 25th.

The kids woke up extra early, for some unknown reason, so I let you sleep in while I watched them and made your breakfast. What was on the menu? Eggs in a bread bowl. I took a round loaf of bread from Trader Joe’s, hollowed it out, and filled it with eggs, feta, prosciutto, and basil. I then baked it for 50 minutes. Here she is:

Along with your bread bowl, I served you watermelon, cherries, orange juice, and tea:

You absolutely loved your breakfast. Afterwards, I told you to take a shower and get dressed and to take as much time as you needed. When you were done, I handed you your gift certificate for a professional massage and sent you out the door.

When you were gone, the girls and I made you your pictures using water colors, paint, dry noodles, and cheerios. They  had so much fun doing something special for you while being creative at the same time.

You came back from your massage very relaxed, yet a little giddy. For the rest of the day, you didn’t stop talking about it.

For lunch, I made us a picnic. I planned on taking us to the duck-and-turtle park, but Saturday was really windy. So we had our picnic in our front yard.

After lunch, I let you take a nap while I watched the kids. Eventually, we all fell asleep.

I had another thing planned for the evening, but I learned that we had a graduation party to attend. So, I put that on hold.

I hope you enjoyed your “Mother’s Day.” It might seem a little like my penance for taking you to Chuck E. Cheese’s, but really, I did it from a sincere heart because I love you. You’re a great mom and you deserved this day.

Day 221: Flowers at In-N-Out

May 10, 2012

For lunch on Sunday, we ate at In-N-Out. As we went through the drive-thru, I noticed some beautiful white roses growing alongside the restaurant. I attempted to ask an employee, once we got up to the drive-thru window, if I could pick one for you. But my question came out like this: “Can I pick a wife?” She gave me a confused look. “Sorry! I meant to say ‘Can I pick one of your flowers for my wife,'” I quickly replied. She said I could, then laughed at my blunder.

So, I picked and gave you a flower. But that was when I noticed the sad look on our daughters’ faces. Apparently, they wanted flowers too. When I went to pick them some, the guy in the car behind us said, “The flower wasn’t big enough for her, was it?” “No,” I responded, “my daughters were jealous.” He and his wife laughed. Once I gave the girls their flowers, our entire family was happy–including me, but that was because I ordered a Triple-Triple.