Day 43: Card Games

November 11, 2011

Last night, I broke out our card games. I decided to play cards with you for yesterday’s act of love because we typically have lots of fun when we do (see day 19). I pictured us laughing, flirting, and being silly with each other. I pictured me winning a bunch of times and you losing a bunch of (Monopoly) money. I pictured you telling me I’m the greatest husband in the world and feeling my bicep. Overall, I pictured us having a good time. We did, but almost none of those things happened. We sat on the couch and played a single, quiet game of cards. Halfway through, you told me your feet hurt and needed massaged. I massaged them. If that was a ruse to get my mind off the game, it didn’t work–I kicked your butt (how romantic!).


Day 7

October 6, 2011

For day 7, I gave you a list entitled “10 Things I Love About You.” As I wrote the list, you kept going in and out of the room. Each time, I would hide the list. You joked: “What are you writing that you need to hide it from me? A list called ’10 Things I Hate About You’?” You didn’t see my list at all. You simply guessed! When I gave you the list, you smiled and said I was sweet. Then you said “Wait, why did you cross out the one that says ‘your skinny . . .’?!” I responded “I wanted to write ‘Your skinny legs,’ but I thought you would say ‘What?! Are you saying my legs are the only skinny things on me?!'”Anyway, here’s the list:

10 Thing I Love About You

(1) Your love for Christ.

(2) Your commitment to our marriage.

(3) Your dedication to our kids.

(4) Your willingness to sacrifice so I can pursue my dreams

(5) Your great attitude toward life.

(6) Your laugh.

(7) Your beautiful brown eyes.

(8) Your long, beautiful, brown hair.

(9) Your love of good books and movies.

(10) Your wonderful smile, which you always wear.