Day 49: I Want to Love You Less

November 17, 2011

On day 49, I took the girls to a church function while you stayed home to rest. When we returned, you had a plate of chocolate cookies, a glass of hot chocolate, and a love note waiting for me. Thank you for your loving act!

Later that evening, we listened to a sermon by John Piper called “Marriage Lived to the Glory of God” ( I chose this for my 49th act of love to remind us that the glorification/magnification of God is the primary purpose of our marriage. According to Piper, marriage exists for God, not vice versa. In fact, “everything exists to magnify the worth, truth, value, beauty, and greatness of God.”

In order for us to glorify God the most–which should be our goal–we need to be most satisfied in Him. Only then will we be able to love each other as we should. Only then will our marriage be deeply satisfying. This means we must pursue God, love God, cherish God, magnify God, etc., above all things, even each other.

In light of Piper’s sermon, I want to love God more than I love you. That doesn’t mean I need to love you less than I do now, just less than I love God. (Neither does it mean that I currently love God as I should.) If I love God with all my heart and love Him more than I love all else, I’ll be able to grow in my love for you. May I love you less to love you more.