Day 194: Roll the Die, Get a Prize

April 12, 2012

On Monday, I wanted to play a game like Monopoly with you, but modified so that there were actual prizes for the winner. When I asked you if you were interested in doing this, you said that it sounded like fun, but that you were too tired for a long game. So instead, I listed six prizes on a sheet of paper and numbered them from one to six:

  1. Massage
  2. I’ll do whatever chore you want.
  3. Dark chocolate bar from Trader Joe’s
  4. Snuggle time on the couch
  5. I’ll watch the TV show of your choice with you.
  6. Wild

Then, I had you roll a die, with the stipulation that you would win the prize associated with whatever number you rolled. (If you rolled a six, you would’ve been able to choose any prize from one to five.)

You rolled a three. You asked me if you could have the massage instead, but I refused (per the rules of the game). You were fine with that. I bought you your chocolate on Tuesday:

Directly after the game, though, you turned on the show of your choice and started snuggling me on the couch. I asked you why you were claiming prizes from the game that you weren’t entitled to and you said something to the effect that your current actions had nothing to do with the game.


Day 67: The Act You Picked

December 5, 2011

For day 67, I placed six slips of paper in a bowl. Each said something different and each said one of the following:

(1) I’ll make you whatever dinner you want;

(2) I’ll give you a 30-minute back massage;

(3 ) I’ll scrub the bathroom;

(4) We’ll watch whatever you want on Netflix;

(5) I’ll take over your living-room duties for a week;

(6) Wild.

I asked you to blindly pick one of the slips and told you that I’d do whatever was said on the slip you chose (unless you chose (6), in which case you could’ve looked through the slips and picked whichever slip you wanted). You picked (5). Typically, I clean the kitchen and you clean the living room. But this week, I’ll keep the living room (and the kitchen) clean.  

When you looked through the rests of the slips, you said you’d rather have (2). I wouldn’t let you switch. Personally, I’d rather give you a back massage, but what would be the point of the game if I just let you switch willy nilly?

PS: Your Christmas CD came about a week ago. You love it!