Day 156: Snuggling

March 3, 2012

I slaved away on a special project for work until 1:30 last night, then crawled into bed. For my act of love, I was going to snuggle you (and by “snuggle,” I mean “snuggle”), but the baby was in our bed. When that happens, the baby has to sleep between us so she doesn’t fall off, which eliminates the possibility of snuggling. You said that we could snuggle with our feet instead. So, we did.


Day 31: Foot Washing

October 29, 2011

Since our Lord commanded his followers to wash each other’s feet, tonight I washed yours. While you were sitting on the couch, I knelt by your feet with a pot of warm water and a towel and washed your feet.  Afterwards, I massaged them with a lavender salt scrub. You’re becoming very suspicious of my kind acts. At the least, you think my sudden change in behavior is bizarre. I explained to you that I’m trying to show you I love you and you said you’re fine with that!

I have to say: it feels weird writing this blog without you knowing. Sometimes, you walk in the room when I’m on it. My heart races, I sweat, and I get a pit in my stomach. I just hope I can keep this blog a secret because I want to see the look on your face when I tell you about it. I hope it ends up being the blessing of all blessings for you.