Day 315: Your (Tough) Decision

September 1, 2012

On Wednesday (8/8), I was a little frustrated about 365 Acts of Love. I kept thinking about how far behind I was on the blog (I’m now even further behind) and I couldn’t think of what act to do for you. So, I asked you:

“Why don’t you pick my act of love for the day? This project is so tough. I can’t think of anything to do.”

“Okay,” you replied.

“You have to pick it today, it can’t be tomorrow, and it has to be something that I can pull off today. See how tough this—“

“A foot massage!”


“I want you to give me a foot massage. You’re so right–that was really tough!”

“Very funny. Now try doing that every day for a  year . . .”

 You quite enjoyed your foot massage.


Day 159

March 6, 2012

I’ve been so preoccupied with work lately, and for good reason, that I haven’t been focusing on this blog. So after a long day yesterday, I attempted to come up with an act to commit for you. All I could think of was sleep, so I decided to massage your hand while going to sleep. This woke you up, though, and you offered me your other hand once I was done with the first. Then, you offered me your feet. So, I ended up massaging your hands and feet for my act of love.

This preoccupation will end by Friday, though, so you can expect more thought out acts of love coming up. Right now, it’s all I can do to be consistent.

Day 131: My Intentions for This Blog

February 7, 2012

For my act of love last night, I picked something that catered to this blog’s readers rather than you (oopsie). I initially wanted to look for a need of yours to fulfill (see day 107), but decided that I would just ask you what you need. You said you wanted a back massage (surprise, surprise). When you said that, I thought, “If I keep posting on 365 about giving you back massages, I’ll lose reader interest,” then asked, “Is there anything else you need?” “Hmmm . . . how about a back massage,” you replied. “Anything else?” “It would be nice if you held our baby for a while so I could look at pinterest.” “You got it.” Afterwards, you asked if I would give you a foot massage, so I did. If I’m completely honest, my willingness to give you a foot massage was reader driven as well!

This all makes me wonder about my intentions for this blog (what they are, what they were when I started, etc.). Am I primarily interested in expressing and increasing my love for you (haven’t I read that somewhere?) or in gaining followers? I’ve been giving this, as well as some other issues related to my intentions, some thought lately. I believe strongly that I’m doing this blog for you, though at times I act like I’m not.

PS: For your weekly flowers, you’ve lately been asking me to get you potted flowers. Our house is starting to look like a nursery.

UPDATE: Who cares about reader interest. This blog’s for you. My loving acts for the next week will consist in back massages.

Day 63: Painting Your Toenails

December 1, 2011

Last night, I took a risk and went far out of my comfort zone by offering to paint your toenails. This offer was a risk because I didn’t know whether you would think it was sweet or weird. And I don’t think I need to explain why it took me out of my comfort zone. I got the idea for this act here (I usually come up with the ideas myself). Anyway, you were a little weirded out by the request. In fact, you said you would only let me paint your toenails if I gave you a foot massage too (how could I pass on that deal?!).

Before painting them, I first took off the remains of day 25 with some nail polish remover. By the time I finished that, you seemed to have gotten over the weirdness of it all and started relaxing. You even looked like you were having fun. Then, I done painted up them toenails real nice. Actually, they looked pretty bad when I finished: I couldn’t get the polish to go on evenly and I kept painting your skin instead of your nails. They reminded me of a Jackson Pollock painting. To finish up act 63, I massaged your feet.

A few hours after I finished, I asked you if you liked that I painted your toenails. You said, “Yeah, that was nice. Thanks . . . You’re not planning on painting my toenails for me from here on out, are you?” “What? No! That’s probably the last time I paint them,” I replied. “Oh good! I was worried.” All things considered, I think you had a great time. And, I actually kind of liked painting your toenails (I’m glad this blog’s anonymous).