Day 75: Coffee Card

December 13, 2011

For yesterday’s act of love, I slipped a $5 coffee card into your purse (see #38 at this link).  Actually, I meant to slip it in last night, but forgot. So I did it this morning. I bought this card a while ago and kept it around in case a day came when I didn’t know what to do for my act of love. Yesterday was just such a day. Perhaps it would be wise for me to build up a store of little gifts and such in case similar days come.

When you find your coffee card, I know exactly what you’ll use it for: a dark chocolate mocha from our favorite local coffee house. This is your current favorite coffee; but really, you like a bunch of different kinds, all of them sugary. There is one, though, that you don’t like (rather, that you don’t prefer)–the homemade kind. So when you say you need coffee, you really mean that you want an overpriced cup of sugary delight. Here’s how the conversation typically goes: “I could really use some coffee.” “Oh, yeah? Here, I’ll make us some.” “Actually . . . I’d rather have a ________” (where ‘________’ can be filled in with any of various kinds of overpriced cups of sugary delight). Don’t get me wrong–I’m not complaining. I want you to buy those coffees for yourself (at least occasionally), which is why I gave you the card.

On a related note, I need to be careful about the money I spend on these acts of love. We’re on a strict budget, one that we worked out and agreed upon together. Yet, I’ve spent money on some of the acts of love that wasn’t in our budget (see here, for example). I shouldn’t do that. Although we both like it when I spend money on you, neither of us would like to go into debt. On top of that, it’s not loving of me to spend money that we don’t have, even if it’s on you. In light of this, I hereby commit to never spend money that we don’t have on any act of love. This makes my work here at 365 Acts of Love a little more difficult, but it’s necessary for our financial well-being. In the future, I’ll try to work money into our budget that’s designated for spending on you.


Day 53: Through the Looking Glass

November 21, 2011

For yesterday’s act of love, I read the first chapter of Through the Looking Glass to you. Both you and I have read this book and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland before and enjoyed them.

Also, you went to the store yesterday to pick up a few things and brought back a coffee for me from Starbucks. Your face beamed with delight as you gave me my gift. Since I started 365 Acts of Love, you’ve been more inclined to do kind/loving things for me. These things have been unsolicited and seemingly without expectation of reciprocation by me. Is there a connection between 365 and your kind acts? Maybe.

Day 39: Coffee and Bagels

November 7, 2011

Yesterday, I left church between services to pick you up for the second morning service. On the way home, I stopped at the grocery store to buy coffee for you and bagels for you and the girls. Unfortunately, I locked the keys in the car. So, I called someone from church who graciously drove to our house, picked up the keys, then drove them to me. We ended up being 15 minutes late for church. But, you loved that I bought you coffee and a bagel. In fact, you told several people at church how sweet I was to do that (I got a little embarrassed). It’s interesting–you seem to appreciate the small acts of love just as much as or more than the extravagant ones. Maybe I should save my energy and do something small for you every day!

Day 33: Dark Chocolate Mocha

November 1, 2011

On the way to our Halloween festivities, I took you to our favorite local coffee shop to buy your favorite drink–a dark chocolate mocha. Your reaction to this act of love was strange. You looked at me with big, affectionate eyes, held my hand, and said I’m the best husband in the world. Then you drank your coffee with a big smile on your face, acting a bit giddy. By your reaction, you’d think I just risked my life for you. When I sent you a love letter through the mail or brought you roses after searching ten different stores in the middle of the night or washed and massaged your feet, you smiled, thanked me, and went on your way. But I buy you a coffee and suddenly I’m the best husband in the world? Hold on, because you’re getting dark chocolate mochas for 332 days straight.