Day 64: Cleaning House

December 1, 2011

When I came home from work tonight, you looked majorly burned out from taking care of the kids. So I took the girls out for about an hour while you stayed home and rested. We stopped by Trader Joe’s while we were gone and bought you your flowers for the week. When we came back, you greeted us at the door looking happy and rested.

Giving you time alone wasn’t my official act of love, though. For day 64, I cleaned the kitchen for about 90 minutes. From the time our youngest was born about three months ago, we haven’t had much energy to keep our house clean. Instead, we’ve focused on keeping things somewhat presentable. But tonight, I actually gave the kitchen a deep clean. Maybe I inspired you, because you gave the living room a good cleaning once you saw me cleaning the kitchen.


Day 3

October 2, 2011

My acts of love won’t always be glamorous and romantic, as the last one demonstrates–I watched the kids and cleaned the kitchen and living room so you could sleep in. Though this didn’t sweep you off your feet, at least you’re rested and the house is clean. When you woke up, I couldn’t wait five minutes before pointing out what I did. My desire for you to recognize my acts has crept up all three days. In fact, I’ve noticed this tendency in myself our entire marriage (and my entire life). I desire recognition for my good efforts and often draw people’s attention to them when no one else will. (Is this blog another such attempt? I hope not!) To counter this, I’ll do a series of loving acts without you noticing (at least, not until a year from now when you read the blog!). Perhaps they won’t be tomorrow, but I’ll do them. Here’s another of my tendencies–after I do something for you, I secretly hope you’ll do something for me! Dang, I’m messed up. I can’t even commit a selfless act of kindness (in spite of what I said in the “Day 1” post). May I believe the Lord when he says “it is more blessed to give than to receive.”