Day 302: Candle-lit Dessert

August 14, 2012

For my 302nd act of love, I set up a dessert for us in our living room.

You left that night for a meeting, so I had time to put the kids to bed and set things up. I put candles on the table, on the chairs, on the entertainment center, and on the table/stand thingy beside the couch. Then, I took the petals from a dozen roses and arranged them on the center of our table. Finally, I prepared two bowls of ice cream, each with chocolate sauce on top and a piece of a dark chocolate bar on the side:

It got quite warm very quickly and you were concerned about burning our house down, so we blew out most of the candles before we ate.

This dessert was a very good time and I felt a great connection to you. So often in the evenings, we’re with each other, but not paying much attention to each other. I like when we can go a little deeper and make things a little more meaningful. This orients my heart away from myself, which gives me great resolve to do well at work and in every other aspect of my life because I know I’m doing these things for us–for you–not just me.*

If there’s one thing that 365 hasn’t helped, it’s our diet! So often, I resort to getting/preparing you food or dessert for my act of love. It’s partly because you enjoy it when I do these things for you and partly because I enjoy it. Anyway, in the end, this hasn’t had a real effect on our health since we’ve been conservative in our indulgence.

*Of course, the primary orientation of my heart should be toward my God. Such an orientation should motivate me to excellence in all that I do.


Day 279: Banana Split

July 16, 2012

On Tuesday, I made you this banana split:

Sorry it’s blurry.

Before I did, I was driving home from a work thing around 9 PM and I didn’t know what to do for my act of love. I thought maybe I could make you some sort of craft, so I dropped by Michael’s. They were closed. Then, I wandered through Albertson’s trying to come up with something. I realized that we had all the ingredients for banana splits except for bananas and whipped cream. So, I bought those things and went home.  Though I try to plan out my acts of love, many of them end up being spur-of-the-moment things. Some of them turn out well that way. Other’s don’t.

After I made you your dessert, I noticed that you’d already made yourself a dessert. That wasn’t ideal and could’ve been avoided if I’d planned out this act in advance. Still, you seemed excited for your banana split.

You were only able to eat half, so you gave me the other half. Lately I’ve been counting my calories. I knew that by eating it, I would go way over my daily calorie limit, but by not eating it, I would waste it. I ate it. That was certainly the right decision. Yum.