Day 229: Cheese Platter

May 19, 2012

On Monday, my office mate told me that for Mother’s Day, he bought his wife (among other things) a special sort of cheese. That got me thinking: maybe for an act of love, I can buy make you a whole platter of special cheeses. That’s exactly what I did. (I sure one-upped him, didn’t I?)

My sister helped with the platter. Monday was the day she arrived at our house from her 1.5-year stay in Thailand. Daow, her friend from Thailand who is staying with us while my sister is here, also helped. Your platter was really an international effort.

On the way to buy the cheese, I learned that Thai people don’t eat cheese much. Neither did my sister during her stay abroad. This platter, then, served at least three purposes: to show you my love, to give Daow a chance to try new cheeses, and to break my sister’s situation-imposed cheese fast.

For the platter, we bought brie, baby swiss, chevre with herbs, mozzarella balls marinated in oil and herbs, dark chocolate, prosciutto, and whole-grain crackers. Here’s the finished product:

We’ve been eating the leftover cheese all week.

PS: You found a note in my backpack about “The Bachelor,” one I jotted down for something that I posted on this blog. Before putting the note back, you wrote this on it: “I didn’t know you were so into the bachelor. :)” Haha, very funny.