Day 285: Blackberry Pickin’

July 23, 2012

afOur neighbors told me about some blackberry bushes near our house where they picked some incredible blackberries. I immediately thought of getting some for you for one of my acts of love.

So I went out to do some pickin’. I was excited because I expected to surprise you with a bounty of blackberry goodness. Instead, I presented this to you:

What happened? For one, I had an encounter with a fierce and ravenous beast that made me scream and jump to safety. . . okay, it was a little bunny–but he came out of nowhere, and for being such a little guy, he sure did rustle those bushes! That put me on edge and made me wonder what else was lurking around, waiting for the kill. Two, as I was picking blackberries, I spied some of my vegetal friends with leaves of three. That brought to mind a very unpleasant experience:

So, I went home with my few blackberries and scrubbed my hands and feet in the tub for about ten minutes. So much for that idea.


Day 187: Easter Basket

April 6, 2012

Our oldest and I went to the store on Monday to get supplies to make you an Easter basket. You asked where we were going and I gave you a sheepish grin. Based on that, you knew that I was planning something for the blog (which you now know about). So instead of asking for details, you gave me a list of things to pick up.

At the store, we bought an Easter gift bag, some of that fake grass, a stuffed bunny (duck? I can’t remember), a small box of assorted chocolates, some Cadbury eggs, and an Easter egg filled with Starburst jelly beans. When we got home, we put the bag together, then left it on the driver’s seat of our van. Here’s the bag:

In the morning, you were excited when you opened the van door and saw your bag of goodies. But the girls were even more excited. You shared your candy with them and the baby claimed ownership of the stuffed duck-bunny thing.

It surprises me that our oldest kept the Easter bag a secret. She’s had trouble with that before.

UPDATE: It was a duck: