Day 20

October 19, 2011

Wow! My loving acts for you get more and more romantic–last night I began organizing my book collection for you. Okay, that’s not romantic. But I promise that many romantic acts are coming! I know how much you’ll appreciate this act once it’s done. I have books stacked on my desk, under my desk, on top of the bookshelf, beside the bookshelf, under the bed, and of course, on the bookshelf. Many of these books I’ll never read. You’ve begged me for days (okay, months) to do something about them. Now, I am. I’m sorting through my books, trying to be realistic about which ones I’ll read and which ones I need to trash. I promise I won’t keep any more books than will fit on my bookshelf (and perhaps under the bed). You’ve graciously endured my bibliophile tendencies too long and it’s time for me to change. ┬áMay I bless you with this act and romance you with the next.