Day 337: Bike Ride

November 1, 2012

For this act of love, I had someone watch our kids while we went on a bike ride together. Oh what fun we had! We only rode around for about 30 minutes, but it was great just being out with you and acting goofy with you and looking at houses in the nearby neighborhoods.

You had just finished running, which was not ideal because you weren’t exactly in the mood for a bike ride (you got into it, though). But that was the time that worked out for our schedules and the babysitter’s schedule. If you keep up the run/bike combo, though, maybe you can enter a biathlon. 😉 Also, we had some sparkling cider that I wanted to use. My plan was that we’d bike to the beach, then drink our cider. But we didn’t have enough time.

Anyway, we still loved our bike ride. We really need to get out together without the kids on a regular basis. It’s so good for our relationship.