Day 161: Putting the Baby to Sleep

March 10, 2012

I’m back! I took a few days off of writing posts so I could finish up that project for work. It’s done (forever, I hope) and now I can focus on 365.

On Wednesday, after working for hours and hours straight, we were both so tired that we were sick to our stomachs. You told me to go to bed because you knew I had to get up in a few hours to work again. As you said this, though, you looked like you were going to vomit. So, for my act of love, I told you that I would put the baby to sleep so you could go to bed. You did, but couldn’t sleep. So, we sat on the couch together, taking care of the baby.


Day 88: Watching the Baby

December 26, 2011

Your default is to take care of our baby. If I don’t offer to help you with her, you don’t often ask for it. On Christmas, we went to your parents’ house. I didn’t want you taking care of our baby all day instead of spending time with your family. So, for most of the day, I took care of her. You noticed and I was glad.

I’m so thankful for your family, by the way. They’re thoughtful of us, they’re extremely hospitable, and they love being with our kids. I enjoy spending time with them and am happy that I gained them as a family when I married you! I hope we never take their kindness for granted.

Day 80: Back Massage

December 19, 2011

You’ve had back issues ever since our youngest was born. So on Saturday, I gave you a back massage to help your pain. I turned on a movie and planned on massaging you for most of the movie, but our youngest woke up and needed attention. Still, I still got a good 30 minutes in.


Day 18

October 17, 2011

Whoops! I forgot to do my loving act for the day. I did loving things for you, just not for the purpose of my year-long resolution. For instance, since I went to church earlier than you, I gave you a call when it was time for you to wake up to get ready. Also, I left the service to help you take the kids to their classes. I held our baby during the service so you could focus on the preaching. Then I helped you to the car when you needed to leave. Besides that, I didn’t see you all day because of my responsibilities at church. Overall, I think my daily acts are working. You’ve noticed the change in me and we’ve been a little closer relationally. Although I forgot to commit my loving act yesterday, this project’s been effective.