Day 347: Out of My League

November 29, 2012

For this act of love, I wrote portions of the lyrics to our song, “Out of My League,” on some 3-by-5 cards and placed them in different locations around the house. I thought it would be fun for you to discover them throughout the day until you realized what they were. Here’s what I wrote on the different cards:

“It’s her hair and her eyes today”

“that just simply take me away”

“and the feeling that I’m falling further in love”

“makes me shiver, but in a good way”

“’cause I love her with all that I am”

“and my voice shakes along with my hands”

“’cause she’s all that I see and she’s all that I need”

“and I’m out of my league once again.”

You seemed to appreciate this act. The girls caught on quickly that there were cards hiding around the house and they made it their aim to find all of them.


Day 331: Hijacked Surprise

September 19, 2012

This might lead to our demise, but we like to snack on chocolate chips. We’ll buy a bag of them, not for cookies or muffins, but simply to munch on.

On Saturday night, after you went to bed, I put out a handful of chocolate chips for you down the stairs along with a note that said: “Some sweets for my sweetie.” I expected you to find your surprise the next morning when I was at work.

I’m just not sure how well I thought this plan through. For one, you probably wouldn’t have wanted chocolate chips for breakfast, although you might’ve used them in something that you ate or saved them for later. For another, I didn’t think of the fact that our two older kids might find the chocolate before you.

When you called our kids to you in the morning in order to get them ready for the day, you were surprised to see that they had chocolate all over their faces. “Where did you get chocolate?” you asked. “We ate the chocolate chips dad left for us,” they said. You were pretty confused about that. You didn’t see the note, so it was only later when you talked to me that I was able to clear things up.

Day 323: Blueberry Muffins

September 5, 2012

For act 323, I baked you (and the girls) some blueberry muffins. They didn’t taste great, but it was fun to surprise you with them.

Day 279: Banana Split

July 16, 2012

On Tuesday, I made you this banana split:

Sorry it’s blurry.

Before I did, I was driving home from a work thing around 9 PM and I didn’t know what to do for my act of love. I thought maybe I could make you some sort of craft, so I dropped by Michael’s. They were closed. Then, I wandered through Albertson’s trying to come up with something. I realized that we had all the ingredients for banana splits except for bananas and whipped cream. So, I bought those things and went home.  Though I try to plan out my acts of love, many of them end up being spur-of-the-moment things. Some of them turn out well that way. Other’s don’t.

After I made you your dessert, I noticed that you’d already made yourself a dessert. That wasn’t ideal and could’ve been avoided if I’d planned out this act in advance. Still, you seemed excited for your banana split.

You were only able to eat half, so you gave me the other half. Lately I’ve been counting my calories. I knew that by eating it, I would go way over my daily calorie limit, but by not eating it, I would waste it. I ate it. That was certainly the right decision. Yum.

Day 273: “Surprise” Flowers

July 9, 2012

On Wednesday I bought you this bouquet of flowers:

I didn’t give it directly to you. Instead, I put a note in it that said, “Love, Your Secret Admirer,” then asked a couple that lives next to us if they would take them to you and say that some random person asked them to give it to you. Then I went back to our house.

About ten minutes later, they knocked on the door. When you answered it, they did just as I asked. “Oh! Thank you!” you said. “What did the neighbors say?” I asked you with a huge grin on my face after you closed the door. “Thanks for the flowers, dear. They’re beautiful,” you said. “Weren’t you surprised?” I asked. “Nope. But I love the flowers.” I thought you’d be very surprised and even amazed. So much for being the David Blaine of romance.

Day 253: Putting Our Song to Use

June 13, 2012

Today I gave you a back massage in a candle-lit room with our song—“Out of My League”—playing on our laptop.

When I prepared our room for your massage, I told you I would be upstairs for a few minutes, but didn’t tell you why. I also didn’t tell you that I recently bought our song from Amazon. (We haven’t listened to it in several years because we lost the CD.) So you were really surprised when you came into our room, saw the candle, heard our song playing, and I told you that I would give you a massage.

Day 210: Baja Fresh Magnets

April 28, 2012

When we were in college and before we were dating, you pulled a sort of prank on me: you covered my car with a ton of refrigerator magnets from Baja Fresh. When I saw the magnets, I was completely confused. Eventually, though, I found out that you put them there, so I did the same thing to your car.

We still have those magnets (though only four). On Wednesday, I put them on our van door for you to discover. You thought that was cute.

Day 202: Breakfast

April 19, 2012

For this act of love, I surprised you by making you this breakfast before I rushed off to work:

Afterwards, I realized that we had coffee, OJ, and chicken sausages on hand, which would’ve made the breakfast so much better. Still, you loved it and even thanked me by text while I was at work.

Day 187: Easter Basket

April 6, 2012

Our oldest and I went to the store on Monday to get supplies to make you an Easter basket. You asked where we were going and I gave you a sheepish grin. Based on that, you knew that I was planning something for the blog (which you now know about). So instead of asking for details, you gave me a list of things to pick up.

At the store, we bought an Easter gift bag, some of that fake grass, a stuffed bunny (duck? I can’t remember), a small box of assorted chocolates, some Cadbury eggs, and an Easter egg filled with Starburst jelly beans. When we got home, we put the bag together, then left it on the driver’s seat of our van. Here’s the bag:

In the morning, you were excited when you opened the van door and saw your bag of goodies. But the girls were even more excited. You shared your candy with them and the baby claimed ownership of the stuffed duck-bunny thing.

It surprises me that our oldest kept the Easter bag a secret. She’s had trouble with that before.

UPDATE: It was a duck:

Day 177: Coffee Surprise

March 26, 2012

On Friday, I graded tests at the Starbucks near your parents’ house. Before I left, I talked to Rose, one of the employees, to see if it would be okay for me to buy you a drink that you could pick up later. She thought that would be fine, so I paid for a Mocha Frappuccino and left a note that said, “just because I love you.” While you were out with your mom, I called you and told you to stop by Starbucks on your way back to your parents’ house and ask for Rose. When you did, Rose made you your drink and gave you your note. I saw you a few minutes later and you were giddier than ever. Looking back, I’m not so sure it was a good idea to excite you with a surprise, then pump you full of caffeine and sugar.