Day 164: A Fresh Start

March 12, 2012

I’ve recently lost sight of project 365. Although I’ve consistently done acts of love for you, my mind’s been focused on work. This hasn’t been bad, but necessary. Still, I need to renew my commitment to 365. I’m doing so by taking you back to the beginning. On day 2, I committed to buying you flowers every week. So far, you’ve made sure that I’ve stuck by that commitment. On Saturday, in continuation of that commitment and as a symbol of the commitment I made to you through 365, I bought you flowers. Although it wasn’t an act extraordinaire, if I consistently buy you flowers, over time it will have a compounding effect on our relationship. So, too, will this blog, if I remain committed to it.


Day 146: Hot Chocolate by the Kindle Fire

February 22, 2012

Yesterday I told you to wait in the bathroom for a few minutes while I prepared a surprise for you. (I’m not sure why I chose the bathroom. I guess you could’ve waited in the bedroom.) While you were in there, I made a trail of rose petals from the bathroom door, down the stairs, and out the front door to our patio table. On the table I set two cups of hot chocolate and our Kindle Fire, which was running a fireplace app. I then knocked on the bathroom door and told you to follow the rose petals to your surprise. You did and found me standing by the table inviting you to have hot chocolate with me. You accepted the invite (phew!), so we sat under the stars sipping hot chocolate and admiring how real the fire looked. At one point, you felt the Kindle’s screen and said, “Wow! The fire’s even warm!” I laughed and told you that the Kindle’s always warm when it’s on.

Maybe I should make some saccharine comment at this point about how you kindle the fire in my heart. Nah, I’ll refrain . . .