Day 70: Little Acts Count Too

December 8, 2011

I decided to do ten little acts for you yesterday, rather than one biggish one. Here are my “ten” acts:

 (1) I texted you during the day to tell you I love you and to ask you how you’re doing. You said you’re surviving. I texted you back that “you’re a survivor/ you’re gonna make it.”

(2) I opened the car door for you when we went out.

(3) I held your hand as much as possible during the evening. Sometimes, certain little people prevented me from doing so as they often required more hands than both of us have.

(4) I cleaned the bathroom sink for you.

(5) I placed a love note on the bathroom sink for you.

(6) I placed a few pieces of chocolate on your pillow.

(7) I served you ice cream.

(8) I massaged one of your hands.

By the time I finished (8), I lay down on the couch and told you to wake me up in twenty minutes (who takes naps at 10 PM?). (9) and (10) never came because my nap lasted a tad longer than I expected. Around three AM, our oldest daughter needed some attention. As we took care of her, you told me that you found the chocolates and the note and that I was very thoughtful to do those things.


Day 54: Forgiveness

November 22, 2011

I’ve caused you much pain in the course of our marriage, whether intentionally or not. My tongue is one of my primary instruments in this regard. Sometimes I say something careless and it causes you pain. Sometimes I say something mean, whether premeditated or not, in order to cause you pain. And a few times in our marriage, I’ve said things so hurtful to you that, even now, I bow my head in shame as I consider them.

Last night, I sat you down and listed these and other sins I’ve committed against you and asked for your forgiveness. You forgave me. I then asked you whether you could think of anything else for which I needed to ask for your forgiveness. You couldn’t. But you brought up some wrongs you’ve committed against me and asked me to forgive you. I forgave you. When we finished, I laid my head on your lap as you sat on the couch, and I fell asleep. I don’t know whether our forgiveness talk had anything to do with this, but my sleep was deep and it was sweet.

Day 52: Intimacy

November 21, 2011

I decided that this post’s too personal for the blog, honey. If you want to see it, ask me.