Burn Out or: Excuses, Excuses

You may have noticed (*cough cough*) that there have been long periods of time between my posts. Life is busy, that’s for sure, but life was busy this last year and I was still able to manage a consistent posting schedule. So here’s the reason why my posts have been sporadic–I got burned out with the blog. Seriously burned out. But what should I have expected? I took on a project of enormous proportions.

To my credit, I did the most important part of the project consistently and right to the very end, that is, the daily acts of love. But once I hit that 366th day, it’s like something in me shut off and posting on the blog become torturous work. I think the breaks have been good for me, then. I needed that time of rest and refreshment that I got. If I would’ve posted to the end, I would’ve grown to detest this project very much. As it is, though, the project is dear to me and I’m so proud of the stuff we’ve accomplished through it. I think it’ll be dear to you as well.

By not posting consistently, I may have disappointed my readers. That’s fine, as long as the one reader for which I actually did the blog is well pleased. [Don’t get me wrong, readers; I appreciate you very much.]

I’m not saying that I’ll now post every day until I finish. I hope I do. But I am saying that I’m ready and excited to finish up 365 and to present it to you. I’m also excited to extend the habits that I formed through 365 to every day of the rest of our lives.

Here’s my modest goal and my commitment to you and my readers: I’ll have 365 Acts of Love finished by Valentine’s Day so that I can present it to you then.

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