Day 320: Smile a Little Smile for Me

On Sunday, our middle daughter asked you why you’re always frowning. That was hilarious (to me) because characterizing you as always frowning is to characterize the antithesis of you. You’re always, always, smiling and laughing. You didn’t find her question very funny, though—you moped around for a while and kept asking me if you’re always frowning. Of course I said you’re always smiling.

On Monday, I bought three songs from Amazon: “Smile,” by Nat King Cole, “Smile a Little Smile for Me,” by Flying Machine, and “A Wink and a Smile,” by Harry Connick, Jr. I then made those songs into a playlist and played them next to your bed to wake you up that morning (when it was time for you to get up). You were very confused. When I explained to you that I was making a little joke out of our daughter’s statement, you rolled your eyes (though you weren’t upset). But then I told you that

“You’re always smiling. What she said couldn’t be further from the truth and you shouldn’t take any offense by it.”

That made you feel much better and you, perhaps, came to appreciate my little joke.


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