Day 316: Forgiveness

I don’t know how you’ll receive this post, but here it goes. On Thurdsay (8/9), you greatly annoyed me with something you said and did. For a while, I mulled over in my mind how I would respond.

Then I started constructing a speech about how much you wronged me and how you should be more considerate of my feelings, etc., etc. I typically like to drive home the point of these speeches by making them drawn out and repetitive. At the same time, in the back of my mind I was considering what act of love to do for you (no joke).

But then, I stopped mid-thought because I realized how silly my state of mind was. In simultaneity, I was both planning my revengeful woe-is-me-see-how-much-you-pained-me speech and my act of love for you. So I decided to take a better route. I dropped the speech and decided that my act of love would be to forgive you for what you did and to never mention it (in anger or spite or in with any other negative motive) again.

Perhaps next time I should follow up that forgiveness by doing something kind for you.


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