Day 311: Seminar on Being a Man

August 29, 2012

On Saturday morning (8/4), I went to a seminar at a local church on being a good husband and father. I was greatly challenged and encouraged and walked away with a renewed desire to become a better husband to you and father to our children. Specifically, I was convicted to be more consistent about teaching our children about God and praying with you. In addition, I met other husbands/fathers who were passionate about doing their best in their roles as such.

Day 310: Weekly Article

August 29, 2012

For this week, I reread a chapter from Keller’s The Meaning of Marriage called “Loving the Stranger.” Keller talked about things a person can do to love his/her spouse even as the initial passion of their relationship fades and his/her spouse changes over time. Though he had much more to say, he claims (and I agree) that love needs to be sustained by a deliberate choice to love.

My realization of the importance for our marriage of making the daily choice to love you lead to the formation of this blog and helped to sustain it. I don’t know that I could’ve made it this far in this project without that realization.