Day 309: Daddy and Mommy Breaks

On Thursday (8/2) when I came home from work, I was tired beyond belief. I wanted to rest, but knew that there was no way to do that while the kids were up and I knew that I couldn’t do it when they went to bed because the house needed to be cleaned.

“This is ridiculous!” I thought. “There must be some time during a given day that I can just relax.” After thinking through some possibilities, I came up with a plan. I decided that we should have daddy and mommy breaks in which we take turns taking evenings off. I proposed it to you and you loved the plan. “Why don’t you take the first evening off?” I asked. “At the kids’ bedtime, I’ll put them to sleep and you can do whatever you want for the rest of the evening. I’ll even clean the house. Tomorrow night, I’ll take my break.” “That sounds good,” you replied.

Around 8, I realized just how tired I was. “What if I take tonight and you take tomorrow?” I asked. “Sure,” you said. With that, I lay on the couch, fell asleep, and didn’t get up until the morning. It was great!

My act of love was giving you your break the next day, so technically, I did 309 on Friday. I hope we can do these daddy/mommy breaks frequently.

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