Day 302: Candle-lit Dessert

For my 302nd act of love, I set up a dessert for us in our living room.

You left that night for a meeting, so I had time to put the kids to bed and set things up. I put candles on the table, on the chairs, on the entertainment center, and on the table/stand thingy beside the couch. Then, I took the petals from a dozen roses and arranged them on the center of our table. Finally, I prepared two bowls of ice cream, each with chocolate sauce on top and a piece of a dark chocolate bar on the side:

It got quite warm very quickly and you were concerned about burning our house down, so we blew out most of the candles before we ate.

This dessert was a very good time and I felt a great connection to you. So often in the evenings, we’re with each other, but not paying much attention to each other. I like when we can go a little deeper and make things a little more meaningful. This orients my heart away from myself, which gives me great resolve to do well at work and in every other aspect of my life because I know I’m doing these things for us–for you–not just me.*

If there’s one thing that 365 hasn’t helped, it’s our diet! So often, I resort to getting/preparing you food or dessert for my act of love. It’s partly because you enjoy it when I do these things for you and partly because I enjoy it. Anyway, in the end, this hasn’t had a real effect on our health since we’ve been conservative in our indulgence.

*Of course, the primary orientation of my heart should be toward my God. Such an orientation should motivate me to excellence in all that I do.


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