Day 294: Hawaiian Honeymoon

August 3, 2012

I recently noticed that the smell of the liquid soap in our bathroom makes me think of our honeymoon in Hawaii. I’m not sure why. You wore a certain lotion every day on that trip. Maybe it smells like that. Whatever the connection is, I like that the soap brings up that memory. For act 294, I wrote you this note and placed it under the soap container:

The smell of this soap reminds me of our honeymoon in Hawaii, a memory so sweet that I can’t concentrate on anything else when it enters my mind.


Day 293: Weekly Prayer

August 3, 2012

For act 293, I prayed through the fourth chapter of The Power of a Praying Husband, which was about praying for one’s wife’s role as a mother.

This is a challenging stage in your life as a mother. I’m gone all day at least five days a week for work and we have three children under 6. That means you’re at home alone all day (nearly) every day with three very young children who (in spite of their virtues) are often whining, scratching, biting, screaming, fighting, running, and tripping. They’re frequently hurting themselves and others, needing food, drink, snuggles, sleep, comfort, and kisses. Basically, they’re dependent on you for almost everything.

Given this, nearly every day when I come home, you’re at your wit’s end and the children are going crazy. So, typically, I keep them company, usually by taking them outside and letting them get some energy out.

I prayed, for my 15 minutes, that you would have the strength and energy you need to care for our children, to meet their needs while I’m at work. I also prayed that God would give you patience and wisdom as you seek to raise them well.