Day 283: Your Night Out

July 21, 2012

Since you found out about the blog, you’ve dropped hints here and there about what acts of love you want me to do. Well, on Saturday you told me exactly what I would do. You said that I was going to watch the kids while you went out to coffee with your best friend. You didn’t sound demanding and I didn’t mind being told what to do. In fact, I was overjoyed. I really had no idea what act to do that day, so you made things very easy.

On another note, I let you take a look at the blog a little while back. Well, you really, really, really loved it, but you only read about ten posts. After that, you said that you wanted to wait until the blog was finished to read the rest. That’s fair. I think I jumped the gun by showing you. That’s because I’ve been itching to show you for months.

Day 282: Your Favorite Dinner

July 21, 2012

Your favorite dinner is my fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and gravy. It’s my mom’s recipe. I’ve offered to teach you how to make it, but you claim that I make it so well no one can duplicate it. So, whenever we want fried chicken, I’m the chef. I don’t mind. I like that this dinner is a sort of special contribution of mine to our family life. Maybe when we’re 70, I’ll still be making you this.

PS: I like that you put gravy on your vegetables. Why go halfway, right?

Day 281: A Craft

July 21, 2012

I made you this for my 281st act of love:

You’ve done a lot of creative, craft-type things with the letter “H” since you took on my last name. It’s nice. I like that you’re proud of your new identity. So I made this to encourage you in that vein.

You are so proud of it. You told me so. Not only that, when I came home from work the other day, you had it hanging on the outside of our front door. That makes me very happy. Sometimes, I try making you something and you display it just to humor me (you’re very nice about it). This time is different. This time, I made you something that you really think is great.

Finishing Well

July 21, 2012

During a marathon, runners sometimes hit a wall in which they suddenly feel so fatigued that they don’t think they can go on.

I believe I’ve hit a wall for this project. I’ve covered a lot of ground, but I’m tired and the end still seems distant. Though I’ve consistently done my acts of love, I’ve gotten two weeks behind on this blog. I just feel like quitting sometimes.

But I know better than to quit. I’ve dabbled enough in endurance sports to know that the very moment you feel like quitting is the moment you need to push through.* That’s where real growth occurs.

I’m not sure how many days I have left, but I think it’s something like 70. I must push through. I cannot quit. I will not fail. Who knows what gains await our marriage on the other side?  And on top of that, I committed to this project for you and I’m going to finish it for you. After all, it’s called 365 Acts of Love, not Something Like 70 Days Shy of 365 Days of Love.

*There are some exceptions, of course!