Day 274: Tahiti

Did I commit an act of love on Thursday, June 28? I don’t know. I think I did because I would’ve remembered missing a day, but I don’t have anything in my records. That’s weird. I’ll just make something up.

On Thursday, I took you to Tahiti for a one-day vacation while our five year old babysat her little sisters. The flight was nice, though you’d think that something as advanced as a teletransporter would have a better in-flight movie selection.

While in Tahiti, we went snorkeling. We met a sea turtle named George who showed us around some reefs. At one point during our tour, I saved you from an attacking shark by poking him in his eyes, then punching his right nostril. I may have lost a piece of my ear, but at least we’re alive.

For dinner, we ate an entire pig that I cooked over a fire which I started with a flamethrower. When we were done eating, I entertained you by doing one-handed pull-ups. I did an impressive 254 of them, though George spotted me on the last 15.

When we got home, we were relieved to see that our daughters were fine. It’s a shame, though, about the car. Kids these days and their reckless driving.

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